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Jim Benson is a Civil Engineer with over 25 years years experience in Asia, Pacific and Europe. He has held Directorships at 5No. companies concurrently, led large multidiscipline teams of engineers, and managed business operations in a variety of Asian countries.


We have been involved in the design and construction of 14No. Metro tunnelling projects, and 13No. Stations in 4No. countries.


We specialise in providing advice within the Asia Pacific region.

Track record

In Hong Kong, Jim was the Design Director on 901-Admiralty Station responsible for the tunnelling and cavern Engineer’s Design servicing 4No. new platforms.


Jim was also the Independent Checking Engineer on various Hong Kong MTR WIL, XRL, SIL, KTE packages, and DSD Lai Chi Kok and Stonecutters Island Tunnel projects. Jim was the designated ‘Designer’ and led the successful Tender (based on an alternative tunnel design) and subsequent Detailed Designs for the Kowloon Southern Link (KDB200) and also the CLP - Castle Peak Cable tunnel.


Jim was also the Tunnel Design Manager for 3.5km of rock and soft ground tunnels and stations on SDC100 – Tai Wai to Diamond Hill; and carried out the detailed design of the tunnel lining for the Route 8 (Previously Route 9) Nam Wan Tunnel at Tsing Yi in granite.

News and Publications

Liantang TBM launch 

- August 2015 - Hong Kong

The Benson Consultancy (HK) Limited attended the Liantang TBM launch on 31st August 2015 in Hong Kong. Several key structures at the HKD 8bn site have been designed by BCHKL including foundations for conveyors, batching plants, material handling, TBM cooling equipment and segment storage.

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