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Our Team

Jim Benson


Jim is the Managing Director of the Benson Consultancy (HK) Ltd. He has specific design and planning experience associated with infrastructure in over 15 countries. This includes tunnels, stations, shafts, TBMs, ground treatment, caverns, cut and cover, pipe-jacking, and related structures in both soft and hard ground.  


Jim has hands on experience with designing structures including, tunnels, steel, concrete, water retaining structures, foundations, piles, frames, and bridges; and is familar with the engineering codes, software and capabilities associated with this infrastructure.


Management roles include Directorships at 5No. companies concurrently, building small business operations into larger profitable multinational companies with staff from over 20 countries.


Jim has been involved in the design and construction of 14No. Metro tunnelling projects, and 13No. Stations in 4No. countries.


Nigel Wightman


Nigel R. Wightman is the Managing Director of Aquaterra Ltd. Nigel has 30 years of international experience as a geotechnical engineer, engineering geologist and geologist predominantly in Government infrastructure projects including underground mass transit railways, trunk roads and motorways, foundations, deep basements reclamations, tunnels for cables, water, railways, roads and pedestrians.


He has experience in Europe, Middle East and Asia in over 11 countries. He has supervised major construction works involving earthworks, dams and RC spillways, slopes, piling, grouting operations, revetments, cast RC bridge abutments and decks, diaphragm walls, cut and cover, deep excavations, railway embankments and cuttings, soil slopes and rock slopes. He has works on over 40 tunnels projects of various types and stages and has been project director and project manager for many large infrastructure projects. He has published over 35 papers relating to his experience around the world.

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